An updated Q&A:

Questions you might be asking yourself if you are here (Ok you probably aren’t asking any questions. But I will ask some for you):

Q: Who are you?

I am Beth. I live and work in California, where I do my ridiculous knitting and crafting and (occasional) blog about it.

Q: Why is this blog called knitbyahenshop?

A: Great question. Several answers:

First and foremost it is an anagram of my name, and I love anagrams.

Second, it’s a completely made up phrase that sounds like it should actual exist. Like, oh, yes, knit by a hen shop.  Isn’t that a yarn store? A craft studio? Or maybe it’s knit by a hens hop? So it’s chicken dance with yarn then?

I say, yes—yes to all of the above.

Third, and perhaps most important, no one else out there seems to be using this phrase or handle or what have you besides myself.  I have adopted this nonsensical moniker and now it is mine!

Q: What do you blog about?

A: Mainly I blog about my ridiculous nerdy crafts, do-it-yourself costumery, knitting patterns for impatient people, and holiday decorations on the cheap.

Also, blue yarn. I wrote a detailed natural dye tutorial on getting blue dye from black beans, and I’ve knit a cowl and a pair of socks using this blue yarn.

I’ve published one original knitting pattern—Beta, a knit chalk bag for rock climbers. I have another original pattern that I hope to write up in the future.

When I started this blog, I knew I would blog about knitting and other craft-ish stuff. I thought I would also blog about vegetable gardening and food, and I hoped I would be able to work some history in there too.

Garden blogging has been replaced by lots of knitting patterns featuring leaves. The most historical thing about my blog is my annual tradition of posting WWI knitting patterns on my blogiversary/remembrance day/veteran’s day.

Q: But WHY do you blog?

A: No one would ever ask this question, but I blog because I have found a lot of amazing, inspiring craft and DIY blogs out there, ones that I have gotten a lot out of, and I wanted to give back a little. Often I post about something because I found myself wishing someone had already written about it.

I also blog because I love to write. Writing has, in various ways, been part of my professional life for the past ten years. When I write, I imagine myself as a reader—and as a reader I like blog posts that are timely, easy to follow, and full of creative ideas (be they new ones or just tweaks to old ones). I write fewer posts overall with this approach, but I think quality and detail are more important. Just because this is the internet doesn’t mean I can’t have high standards!

1 thought on “About”

  1. Hello, thank you for posting your experience with using black bean to color yarn. Especially the years later photo. I’ve been holding off on trying it out of a clearly mistaken assumption that the results might be so ephemeral as to be a waste of time. Now I’m excited & can’t wait to try it!

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